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DoublePhoto allows to create lenticular images with ease
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DoublePhoto is an application that allows you to combine two pictures into a single image with a nice-looking lenticular effect. It can be useful for those people who want to get such effect without spending a lot of time using complicated graphical editors. This application is so primitive that it can be used even by kids who have never seen a computer in their life. To create a lenticular image, you only need to drag images you want to combine into the program's only window and enjoy the results. Ready images can be easily saved in JPG extension to any folder.

The above mentioned window is divided in two parts: editing and preview. The preview mode allows you to see the results immediately after any change has been applied to the image, and it is very useful. But the primitiveness of the editing part, which only allows you to adjust a few settings of an image, is a serious disadvantage of DoublePhoto. I would like to get something more than just the ability to define the image size and strip width.

Ilya Barmenkov
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